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    whats up guys, i took my first injection about a half hour ago, im taking a 250mg twice a week of test e. wish me luck and if u have any advice im open to anything. im ganna take before and after pictures and will have them posted after my 12 weeks. also i have nolvadex but i was just wondering if i could use novadex xt as a post cycle? im not going to but i heard u could, just wondering.

  2. welcome to the dark side bro!

    make sure you research pct a lot, its not hard to make gains on gear, it IS difficult to maintain and keep them however, many many people lose every hard-earned pound they got from their cycle to a poor pct,


  3. 40mg nolvadex/day for 30 days after your cycle

    run it during cycle if you have sore/itchy nipples - otherwise you don't need it unless you're afraid of gaining a little water - at which point an AI (letro, arimidex) is a lot better than a SERM (nolvadex, clomid)

  4. novadex xt is junk...real gear needs real AI's

    i would take your nolva or tamoxifen citrate four weeks at 40/40/20/20

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