How to battle finadick?

  1. AlexParty
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    How to battle finadick?

    If I'm just going to take Fina, should I take a test product to battle finadick? How does this work? Thanks

  2. Frankie
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    HCG with Nolva - see Cutting Edge forums - search for "Swale" he is a doctor who works with this stuff.

  3. Using something like 4-ad will help.
  4. AlexParty
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    Because I was reading abit about fina and read about finadick. They say to take test or 4-ad to save your balls?? So I guess 4-ad will help.

  5. It isn't to save your balls it is to keep your libido going while on cycle. Fina will still shut you down with test, the effects just won't be as noticable. The test also helps to mellow out the fina aggression.

    Not doing soccer after all or did you find a way around the drug tests?

  6. Adding a test with it will def. help


  7. AlexParty
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    I decided not to play this season. It would take A LOT of my time, practices, exhibitions, games, travelling. Too much for me. I just finished a tuff semester in school and don't want to devote myself this season, although I could of used the money , I guess I'll have to go try out again next year.
  8. AlexParty
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    Would using T-1 pro and Fina with nolva during a 4 week cycle be ok guys?

  9. A few things

    1. Run the fina 6 weeks or so, most people seem to have good results there.
    2. Why run the nolva? The two things I can think of are keeping bloat down and maybe helping keep your hpta from being shut down as hard(not sure if this even works or not, I'll let a smarter guy answer it)
    For this I would ask are you cutting or bulking? If your cutting you probably won't need that much test. Actually from what I've read fina works better at removing fat with as little estrogen as possible present. If you are bulking just enjoy the bloat unless your just prone to gyno. In either case there are better options for nolva to deal with bloat and estrogen. Also be aware that nolva will not stop fina related gyno if you get it.

    3. Use t-4 or another topical 4-ad product alone for two reasons. First it is cheaper than buying the 1-test. Second fina and 1-test are VERY similiar, only fina is better no need to mix them. Especially since 1-test shuts some people down hard. Lethargy wouldn't be an issue with 4-ad and fina though...

  10. A few things:

    If you don't know about these things, you shouldn't be taking Fina.

    Do some research. End of story.
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  11. Very good idea on that Bobo.. Got to know what you are doing before you get started.


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