switching names

  1. switching names

    Im pretty sure of my source but when inquiring about my next order, his western union transfer info changed name. just cuz im new to this, looking to hear back that switching receiver's name is standard or at least ok. Sage

  2. Their western union info is usaully a fake name, that's why they ask you to use the test question.

  3. Frequently changing recipient's name is not unusual. Just to be sure, ask a mod about whether the source is still good to go.

  4. Agreed, i've changed my name almost everytime someone's sent me money western union.
    Edit* I'm not a steriod source!!!!! Don't email me!

  5. HEy KC can you hook me up...................... LMAO just kidding bro   KC IS NOT A SOURCE!!!



  6. KC labs always gave me good gains ..

  7. fastest t/a. he is gold. j/k

  8. Yea, big bump for KC!!!!! Awesome turnaround, and those $1.00 sust amps feel friggin overdosed as hell!

    The 100 50mg dbols for $20 can't be beat either.

    Great packaging bro!

  9. Glad to see you boys like my service
    I thought we weren't aloud to source post though

  10. Would love to see your PM box in a few days KC! A whole bunch of new clients!

    Bump again for KC..one of the best bros in the business!

  11. list me

  12. Funny thing is, i've still got pm's from people for a list

  13. attention noobs... KC does not accept new customers... SO F OFF!

  14. Man you guys are too much LMFAO

  15. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    Funny thing is, i've still got pm's from people for a list
    Ha! is that right? Ummmm..... maybe ill drop off a line to get on your nerves too. Sage

  16. hows the cycle goin sage?

  17. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    hows the cycle goin sage?
    pretty well man. this past weekend, was a big hit to my gains. i went up to my lady friend of mine and keeping the calories and protein amount was hard. no excuse to not find a way to eat, but when you with a girl, slightly a different story. Ive been keeping a bi-weekly (or approx) log thread here, in the cycle info section. My bodyweight been decent but a bit dissapointed at myself b/c after hitting the 3rd week mark, i felt the enth going to work and BW went up at a more dramatic rate. However like i said, the small eating and drinking (had to.... damn) got me. But im back now, and looking forward to getting 100% dedicated in getting the most gains out of the remaining cycle. Another 6 weeks or so to go. Strengths gains are good. im happy. again, body weight could be better. but i look and feel great KC. Ill keep you all posted. Been following yours as well. Sage

  18. My cycle log is non existent anymore, i'm only 20 so my threads have been closed or deleted do to this. Pm me if you want details bro. Good to hear your's is going well though!


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