Anavar Cycle

  1. Anavar Cycle

    What would be best cycle if have 200 10 mg Anavar pills?? Am 6'3 220 lbs and looking to harden up and build some strength.

    Would need to take nolvedex for pct??? Would need and AI for PCT???

  2. Nolvadex, Clomid, Toremifene for sure for PCT. I know they say it doesnt effect HPTA that much but if you run it long enough im sure it will shut you down.

    Now im not an expert and have never done var but i would say roughly 6 weeks at 50mg ED. Or if you have experience or high tolerance 70mg ED for 4 weeks haha. I mean its up to you really you could run 30mg for 10 weeks. This question is dependant on the person and other things in the cycle. Are you going to pin Test as well? Test Prop would be a great addition.

  3. Ideally, 40-60mg/day X 6-8 weeks should show some excellent results. I would start at 20-30mg for about 2-4 days to see how you reacts before increasing doses. I experienced some increased blood pressure starting at ~40mg, so I backed off and increased slower. Add some creatine and you will love it. Decreased recovery time as well as increased vascularity.
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  4. I saw no difference when I jumped my dose higher then 50mg. Def use creatine while on it and a nice dermal test would hit the spot.

  5. 50mg anavar/day, add creatine with high glycemic carbs after workouts
    it'd be even better if you could add in some test, preferably prop

    PCT - you won't be dealing with estrogenic problems lingering around with no anabolics in your body if you only run the anavar, or if you use a short-ester test but you WILL be shut down - run nolva (40mg/day) or clomid (100mg/day) - it'll probably take about 4 weeks of PCT to feel normal again

  6. Liquid Anavar or Pills???

    Which do you guys recommend??? Do you take the liquid at the same dosage???

  7. What are you gong to run? Anavar solo or with Test?

    I would avoid the high glycemic carb's at any meal unless you are involved in endurance sports.

    I hit the ground running after my anavar solo cycle. I do not know if complete shutdown occurs but suppression is guaranteed. I would run a short course SERM 3-4 weeks, tapered down by 50% each week until finished. Research liquids dosages depend on concentration of manufacturer, but mg:mg is same for both. Do a few searches regarding Tamoxifen.
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  8. Good advice all around from Jonny. I and a few others have noticed starting at 40 mg, or jumping up to my optimal dose wich is around 40-50 mg ed, too quickly can cause some nasty high bp headaches.

    ALso test makes any cycle better imo so a short ester like test prop would be great.

    I'm wondering about using a product like tridenosen (atp) along with var and creatine some time in the near future. With some test of course.


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