Help me reach my goal

  1. Help me reach my goal

    I have used PH before, being SO+, and 4g 1T, 6g 4AD in separate cycles. During those cycles I could have eaten better, and worked out harder. 4 weeks first time, and 6 the second. Strength increased, and people noticed size increase. First time I didn't do post cycle, and second time I used 6 oxo.

    Right now I am 5'8, 196 or so. 34 waist, and about 16% fat.
    I don't need to put on more weight, but do want to get some lean gains while cutting fat. I play softball, ball hockey, volleyball, ultimate frisbee, football etc. I am looking to try T1 Pro.

    Knowing the above, should I do consistent cardio, eat at maintenance level? I do plan to get nolva as I do have fat around the chests.

  2. What about do a cutting cycle? Lower cals, throw in a eca or clen and some cardio and bust your ass in the gym.

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