Phera-Max staying around??

  1. Phera-Max staying around??

    Wutup everyone.. I was just wondering how much longer PM and clones will be around?? A couple months, a few months, longer??

  2. you better stuck up!

  3. There will just be new stuff coming out. It's quite irrelevant.

  4. stuck up? lol.. what kinda new **** is coming out bro??

  5. well bro...
    i dont think anyone knows. it just comes down to who finds out something that works well and who can get it to the market the quickest.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by P4D2A022
    stuck up? lol.. what kinda new **** is coming out bro??
    Hmm, Havoc just came out. Propadrol is a new compound too.

  7. There will always BE a new supplement, just like there will always BE another Nutraplanet Sale. Don't stock up on anything except food.

    thanks xtraflossy
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