running test prop + SD

  1. running test prop + SD

    i have been running test p for about a month now, and just added superdrol within the past few days (7)(at 20mg)...

    not only do i feel like crap now i have gained a belly.

    i know people talk about getting a little weight on the stomach from superdrol but i had no idea it would come on this much this fast.

    any comments from those who have run test and superdrol would be awesome.

  2. i ran enanthate (720mg) and superdrol (36mg) and i was ripped to shreds after the second week..but then again i'm an ecto...i got more bloat in my stomach as the cycle went on and i discontinued the superdrol...

  3. Superdrol was claimed by many to be a good bulker, I didnt see very good bulking results but more of a cutter imo. Its crap in my book.

  4. what have you gained from the prop and what is your dose? i am jump starting my cycle starting tuesday with prop and curious how fast the gains came on. i have bol as well but think i am going to save that for after the prop runs out.

    SD made me feel like crap as well. No belly though. I got pretty big on it but not worth the havoc it reeks.

  5. i have only been running prop at (around) 300mg per week. good gains and all around i felt great. (main reason i started was to boost HCT levels, and to add a little mass, but now that im not running this season i'll prob. boost it up a bit more.) Prop hurts somewhat, but its nothing to go crying home about. Gains come on in 2 weeks, but you'll feel it kick in around a week.

    i have been running superdrol at 20mg a day for 3 days, but i just cut back to 10mg today due to the way it makes me feel. its not so much im a jerk but i just hate the crap. i dont even know why im going to finish running it 2 weeks, but im sticking to the plan.

    IMO there are WAY better compounds out there, but its something i had and theres no point in wasting something that you own. i sold half of the pills a while ago and am now glad i did.

  6. i see that some people are affected with didn't give me any visible sides except lower back cramps...the strength and definition increases were dramatic in 2-3 weeks...not to mention 8-10 pound increase the first week


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