HRT for a young guy

  1. HRT for a young guy

    I'm pretty sure I'm low-test, although I'm 22. I have blood tests scheduled. The tests are for free test, PSA, and complete blood count. The tests are what are needed to get a prescription from Has anyone used this site or know anyone who has used it for HRT/TRT? Have they had success with it? I know the board rules, I'm not asking for a source for illegal stuff, I just want to know if that site is legitimate for obtaining a prescription for a real medical condtion.

  2. i've had low test before. so low that they actually diagnosed me with hypogonadism. i went from 176 pounds to 152, so it was pretty devastating. it took forever to get treated though. i had to go to a general doctor, then a urologist, and by the time i got to the endocrinologist, i already self-administered some clomid and it got me back to normal.

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