post cycle - how long before cutting?

  1. post cycle - how long before cutting?

    I'm on week 4 (of 6) of my first ph cycle - super one+ 6 squirts 2x/day. Results have been very good - went from 184 on day one to 198 yesterday. Strength & recovery are fantastic. No sides at all besides water retention and the occasional zit.

    I have a bottle of 6oxo. As soon as my cycle ends I was planning to go immediately to a cutting cycle (hypocaloric, ECA, cardio) while taking the 6oxo. Hey, it's already beach weather here in SoCal.

    However, it seems like consensus here is that if you wanna keep your gains post cycle you should keep protein and calories high. How long should I wait until I can start dropping calories? I want to keep as much of my gains as possible (especially the strength - I want to jump into competitive powerlifting)

    Thanks in advance!

  2. To be safe I would say at least 4 weeks. Perhaps 2 weeks with cals above maintenence and 2 at maintenence or just above. 6 weeks is pretty long and you will def be shut down. If you switch to a cut too soon you can seriously compromise the gains from your cycle. To keep fat gain to a min at the end of your cycle you might want to start the eca right after or maybe some clen. Both will help since they are anti-catabolic (obviously the clen being much more so) and will help keep fat gain down a bit. Maybe even looking into come cla or the whole anarchy stack. You might also want another bottle of 6-oxo or some clomid or nolva if you can get it. Be good.

  3. Thanks TMack, I just realized there was another thread a while back asking pretty much the exact same thing (oops)

    I've decided to order some liq nolvadex to boost the post cycle. Thanks again for the input.

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