PP/ZOL/EC Stack. Critique?

  1. PP/ZOL/EC Stack. Critique?

    17% BF

    Goals: Cut body fat ALOT. Retain/gain minor mass. Gain Strength.

    Want to take a break from cutting for summer and actually get some good strength/small mass progress.

    Cycle will be half bottle of Methyl-Plex (Phera) and full bottle Megazol.

    Week 1-10mg Methyl-Plex, 1 EC pill a day (split in 2 doses)
    Week 2-10mg Methyl-Plex, 100mg Megazol, 1 EC pill a day (split in 2 doses)
    Week 3-20mg Methyl-Ples, 150mg Megazol, 1 EC pill a day (split in 2 doses)
    Week 4-20mg Methyl-Plex, 150mg Megazol, 1 EC pill a day (split in 2 doses)
    Week 5-200mg Megazol, 1 EC pill a day (split in 2 doses)

    PCT will include Nolva (40, 40, 20, 20), Retain, Trib, Fenu, and EC

    Workout Looks like:
    Sun-Shoulders and Chest
    Thur-Shoulders and Chest

    Workout may look odd, but I used something similar last cycle to catch certain muscles up to others. I have a weak chest and shoulders so I try and do it twice a week.

    Diet will look like
    1-2 egg whites, 2 whole eggs, wheat toast
    2-Whey Shake w/ Oats (50g Protein) (Pre-WO)
    3-Whey Shake w/ Banana (50g Protein) (Post-WO)
    4-Chicken Breast Sandwich on Wheat w/ Brown Rice
    5-Chicken/Turkey/Steak/etc, Potato, Broccoli
    6-Casein Shake before bed or Natty PB

    What do you guys think? Main goal is to lose BF w/ small gains in mass and some good strength gains.

  2. Anyone?

  3. Hey njt11,

    First I would like to direct you to FitDay - Free Weight Loss and Diet Journal

    Go there, sign up for a free account and use it.

    Keep your macros around 40/40/20 or even 45/35/20 and you kCals at slightly below maintenance, i.e. 2000.

    The cycles seems good, should HELP give you what youre looking for if you get your diet and training down. Your diet is good but a bit off, I think the cals are a little on the low side. Plus you want to keep carbs higher in the morning and low at night if you are trying to cut, IMO.

    Also, why are you planning on training Chest and Shoulders twice a week? Esp. with only 2 days rest between them at one point. You should really look into some more training logs around here. Training a muscle group more will not bring it up, it just overtrains it. This is a common mistake.

    Lastly, you are cutting, wheres the cardio?

    Good luck bro,

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