the drol??

  1. the drol??

    would stackin superdrol with 4-ad help to increase gains and decrease some sides??

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Thunder KAT
    would stackin superdrol with 4-ad help to increase gains and decrease some sides??
    yes and yes. It should be a great stack as test base and 4-ad is.

  3. I've only used transdermal with it and it was great.Low sides.

  4. I searched a few places for people who've run 4AD and superdrol I came up with someone who ran somewhat of a log on it. This is towards the end of a few weeks of the cycle:

    "weighed in at 185 today, gained alot of muscle in chest and arms, the gains have been very dry and dense. most of the gains became noticable about 3 days ago. first week i didnt see much but gains are coming fast right now. im up about 8 lbs right now but i would say 1 or 2 is water weight from the 4AD. really impressed. only side is back pains, past few days they have been constant but not very intense. "

    but this is from a few days later...

    "****N HELL, went to the beach today, got back and realized my nips r puffy as hell, forgot my 4AD today but doubt that had anything to do with it, im gona end my cycle now and go straight to PCT. gained 8 lbs total, gona go take 40 mg nolva now "

    this is 3 days into PCT:

    "so ive been like 2 or 3 days into pct, desided to try my max on flat bench, put up 275. My previous was 245 about 2 months ago. decent increase i think. my wieght is right around 183 so im up about 7-8 lbs from when i started the SD"

    Definitely seems like a decent stack, but learn from others experiences and if I were you I'd take a low dose of nolvadex throughout your cycle.

  5. I had a friend who ran Superdrol/4AD very recently, in fact he may still be on it and he seemed to enjoy it thoroughly.

  6. drol = anadrol not superdrol for future references.


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