quick ph question

  1. quick ph question

    hey guys i have done 2 cycles of phera in the past, one along side megazol. I have another bottle of pheramax around and i was wondering if it would stack better with generic labz mega-trn or methoxy-tst by bioscience. thanks for the help

  2. Mega TRN and Methoxy TST is one of the most potent oral and still somewhat legal anabolic steroid stacks available (IMO). If you're going to stack 2 of them, I'd personally go with the Mega TRN and Methoxy TST, but if you go with Pheramax and something else, I'd choose Mega TRN. Pheramax is DMT (desoxy methyl testosterone) and I would stack it with something progestin based (TRN) and not another testosterone.

  3. thanks im guna read up on a tst trn stack

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