Side effects with Test Enanthate??

  1. Question Side effects with Test Enanthate??

    whats up guys, im starting my cycle this coming monday and am not worried about anything just wondering what kinda side effects i might encounter during my cycle and post cycle. i know u get alittle sensative but anything else as far as attitude problems or mood swings or certain feelings. also usually about how gerastic does ur weight go up with lifting like for instance now i am flat benching about 320 should i go up a lot??

  2. Talking

    one of my budies gained around 30 pounds and kept about 23 not sure about his bench but it will for sure go up...
    but everyone is different just eat and train hard...enjoy

  3. You shouldnt experience any negative effects regarding mood swings. Test actually makes you feel a general feeling of well being for most.

    The one thing you might experience is some acne, but nothing that over the counter products cant handle.

  4. thanks man, i think i would be happier than a pig in sht if i put on about 30lbs, i have a really fast metabolism but i eat like a crazy so well see.

  5. point of advise get your meal plan set up count caleries protien ect.. u will get alot more out of it cause you can always adjust your caleries and eat at least 6 meals a day

  6. thats what steroids are. if you take them correctly then you will gain mass and you're strength should be abnormal


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