organic chemistry ???

  1. organic chemistry ???

    I love this board and there is a TON of great info on it, I would like to thank everyone who has taken their time to read and respond to my posts.

    I have a question regarding organic chemistry and what is the best way to pick up a clue of what is going on. I would like to do a finakit at some point but I'm just a little nervous with following the direction and not actually knowing what is going on. I have the standard 3 semesters of college level chem but I never took any organic chemistry - could anybody recommend and books or websites that could help me understand what the hell is going on? It's not that I don't trust any of you, its just a hangup of mine (I the type that takes everything apart to see how it works) :-)

  2. Well for books, just head over to you local campus bookstore and get an introduction to organic chem. But you really don't need to do this if you are wanting to do a fina kit, the directions work trust me

  3. Nothing I learned in organic chemistry really pertains to using a finakit. The only thing I could see would be solubility, but BA works, so don't worry bout it. You will be good. It is an easy process expecially if you have had any time in a lab.
  4. Organic Chemistry

    Ive taken a year of organic chemistry. I can tell you that very little pertains to prohormones and steroids. BUT, the things you learn in organic chemistry gives you a good primer so you can understand advanced research papers--published studies, ect. I didnt want to touch a prohormone before o. chem, but now that im more informed, and have a good understanding of what exactly 'synethic' means, or how enzymes work n' stuff.

    Id say go for it. Remeber to take BioChem, its one thing to know the molecules, its another to understand how it works in the body. Organic chemistry is really 100 years of SYNTHETIC knowledge. Its all about memerizing reaction. But from memorization of seemingly irrelevant stuff you learn the application of fundamental prinicples. Like, why Arginine is special, how sunscreen works, why DNA works... you get the picture. BTW, when you study DNA closely, you find out it only works due to very subtle electrostatic reactions. You learn why one hydroxy group change the entire shap of a helix. Ok im rambling, but if you like what im talking about...


    Organic Chemistry, by Carey -- very popular

    Id reccomend, (i used it)

    Organic Chemistry, by Volhard and Schore
    (this book is great, get the solutions manuel, and do all the excersizes, you will be PRIMED for a Oganic Ph.D if you got that route).

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