First time test cyp

  1. First time test cyp

    I'm under doctors supervision. I'm getting 200mg injected every 2 weeks. I had my first injection today. I asked the doc if I would have any problems with natural production later. He told me no. I'm just wondering in the future should I be concerned with post cycle therapy? Will he bring this up? I don't know how long i'm getting the injections for but my test is around 350 and he wants to get it up around 600. Will I risk any problem when I stop the therapy or is this more of a concern for higher doses? I'm a little nervous. thanks.

  2. Are you receiving this as part of a HRT or TRT program??

    Try posting this in the Male-Anti Aging Medicine section.

    You get the answers you need there.

  3. sorry i left out some things. I'm 23 years old with a test level around 350 which is a bit low. I've been suffering from insomnia, depression and panic attacks for a few years. I feel that has led to my low test. Anyway the dr. is trying to get my levels more around 600 which someone my age should have. It's a low dosage and i'm going to be taking it for atleast 3 months that i know.

  4. get him to prescribe HCG... search the HRT/TRT section.
    HCG will ensure you will be able to have children, if that is important to you

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