I dont know if i should stop my SD cycle. . .

  1. I dont know if i should stop my SD cycle. . .

    well today my second week started, i been using 10 mg but todays it was 20 mg in 2 divided doses, i was on cycle support 3 weeks prior starting this cycle here is the link to my cycle Zombie might try Superdrol again :O

    Now the problem: I was doing pull ups everything was ok, i did more than usual i felt the SD kicking in then i as doing som open grip pull ups and i finished and like all the other sets i just let my self hit the ground when i droped my self and i felt my middle toe weird and started to hurt every time abit more, i did all my excersice and the toe was bothering me, i got home and i took my sock off and my middle toe its purple almost balck well not all of it half actually.

    Any advice, should i stop?

    as a side note i was able to do more reps on my dips(double the number of reps ) and i did weighted dips with a 45 straped to my belt

  2. why would you stop the cycle?

    obviously you want to heal the wound but you can still do upperbodya nd some other leg exercises, true?

    I would continue and work around the toe injury!

    just my $.02

  3. well i dont get bruised really easy ,when that happen i had my mp3 player palying misfist so loud and i was so pumped and i wanted to do somany reps i didnt put attention to that injury. i was thinking it could be a bloop presure issue , i dont haqve blood preassure problems but i had an issue with my first SD cycle. when i droped my self from doing pull ups i was like 1 ft above the ground i dont think that enouf to get a bruise

    i cangt belive this just when the strenght started to kick in

  4. sounded to me like you twisted it or something

    i didn't think of the blood pressure issue, see what the Doc says.

  5. thanks macedday, your always so helpful since we are in the holidays im going to wait, i dont want to spend xmas eve or xmas day in a waiting room so , im going to start to monitor my BP , and add another serving of cycle support and 2 81mgs aspirins

    in the good part other than it started to kick in and my dips increased in reps and iwas able to do weighted dips i gained my first 2 pounds well it could be 3.5 because i dropped 1.5 in the 4 first days i think it was water weight now im 2 pound heavier thant when i started im 184 now

  6. i think you should get BP checked and if that comes out good then just take care of your toe and try not to use to much painkillers, better yet dont unless it is unbearable. I would continue the cycle since you already did 1 week. Its up to you and how your body feels though.

  7. thanks, i always avoid pain killers, i have learn to take it like a man(not in a gay way)no tjust that injury but must of them, i fracture one of my ribs a few weeks back or maybe a month and no pain killers, and i didnt stop going to the gym i just lower the weight and avoided excersice that made my rib hurt, but no pain killers and that was more painfull that the toe.

    well i send the link of SuperCissus at nutraplanet to some friends and family lets see if i get some for Xmas if no well il have to order some, its a shame that the 12% special its not going to be available after xmas


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