Critque my Ph cycle

  1. Critque my Ph cycle

    alright guys last summer i did 600mg's a day of 1-ad for 8 weeks, i gained 20 pounds, 15 of it was muscle. i want to get absolutly huge this summer

    This is what I have 3 bottles of 1-ad...gonna take it at 600mg's a day again for 8 weeks.. i also have a bottle of higher power 4-ad. I don't want to use transdermals so i got this. Now with 4-ad i am scared of gyno and waterweight so i am gonna take 300mg's a day of 4-ad

    so that's 600mg's a day of 1-ad and 300mg's a day of 4-ad for 8 weeks..what's up guys? how does it look?

  2. It looks fine but I'm just curious as to why you don't want to use transdermals?

  3. Yeah, time to graduate to something different perhaps.

  4. You're gonna need more than 3 bottles to last you 8 weeks at 600mg/day...

    I guess you could try 1-test ethergel caps or Mag-10 if you're dead set against transdermals. BDC's transdermal products are much more cost effective though.

    You also may want to bump up the 4-AD doseage if lethergy and libido issues arise. 300mg oral is pretty low. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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    Cosmos is right, 300 mg for oral 4ad is very low. I recommend at least 600 (low) to 900 (med) for 4ad. I don't understand why everyone is scared fo water weight. You pee it out at the end of your cycle!!!!!

  6. yeah but i don't want all my gains to be just water weight and i scared of gyno and getting fat.. i like my abs
  7. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    Well if you notice DBol also puts on water weight and it is great for gaining strength and size. The water helps your joints, keeps u fuller looking, and intacelluar water signals an anabolic reaction.

  8. Just cause your putting on water weight doesn't mean your not putting on lean mass. Like Maniak said, it helps lubricate the joints and put you in an anabolic state. Sure you look bloated but i think you can tough it out for a cycle....


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