Question for Big Varunga

  1. Question for Big Varunga

    I have searched and been reading but my head is spinning bro. I want to prevent hair loss on my upcoming M1T cycle and I dont know if I need Spiro 5% and the Niazoral shampoo and the Azlezic acid as well, or If I need finasteride or what.

    I also need to know how long I need to keep applying after I have finished my 6 week cycle.

    thanks for all your help bro

  2. Stupes
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    Best bet is the Spiro, Nizoral, and AA. Finasteride is proven to be good for testosterone - but if M1T has any synthetic DHT metabolites that are not type 2 reducing - it's useless. The topicals will hit the follicles - it's a safer bet. I don't know if people have had success with Finasteride and M1T though.........

  3. thanks for the reply bud!!

    Does Dr. Lee still sell this stuff? I rember him fro afew yrs ago.

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