Methyl-Plex or Support Supplements side effects ? phera-plex

  1. Methyl-Plex or Support Supplements side effects ? phera-plex

    I recently started a Methyl-plex cycle
    I seem to have stomach discomfort, it comes and goes the whole day and feels like very mild heartburn. Also at night I have been waking up with my hand feeling swollen. The best way I can describe it is similar to when your hand goes tingly/numb but the opposite kind of feeling. Feels like too much blood rather then not enough. This is happening when I'm laying on my side so I shake it off and have to turn on my back or stomach. In the past I would sometimes (rarely) get numb/tingly hands at night from the same position but not often and not like this.

    Anyone have any idea what the causes might be ? The hand thing is especially annoying and worrying to me, I can take some pepto for the stomach.

    only taking 1 cap of methyl-plex (10mg) right now
    anabolic xtreme perfect cycle
    Saw Palmetto
    Hawthorn Berry

    Other supps I take and have for a while
    multi vitamin
    Vitamin D (every other day)
    Vitamin C
    Calcium (every other day)
    B complex
    Flaxseed oil

  2. Sounds like your:
    2)sleeping on one side too much

    Better safe than sorry, the hearburn could also be that you need more antioxidants to make your body less acidic.

  3. yeah maybe I am overreacting, and I have noticed my appetite isn't what it usually is but I have been trying to eat a lot anyway.
    I have never had this feeling in my hands before and it's happened the last few nights (started the same night I started taking this stuff) so it's causing me some concern

  4. When im on ph's they usually do one of two things, make me rediculously hungry or kill my appetite, so be sure to take them with food, train as early in the day as possible to boost your appetite and make it possible to get in more meals. When i was on halodrol i had the exact feeling you spoke of and i was eating 7 Meals a day, not shakes meals.

  5. Maybe high blood pressure at a push, get it checked anyway.

  6. somewhatgifted, from my limited experience with ph I have the same situation. 1-test makes me hungry like crazy, I can't stop eating.

    Ziricote, I will get my bp checked out

  7. I am finishing a 4 week cycle of methyl plex and I havent noticed any sides other than a few headaches and even shut down is at a minimum compared to superdrol. I think you should check your blood preassure. What does your diet look like?
  8. Stupes
    Stupes's Avatar

    And 10 mg of Methly Plex is really light - I would be surprised if you are getting any sides from that dose. Unless you're about 12 years old and a buck twenty.

  9. I tried not taking my support supps yesterday and felt much better. Stomach only bothered me for like 10 min. No problems with my hands last night. I will try to exclude one support sup each day maybe I can figure out if one of them is the problem.
    yeah 10 mg is light, but I'm taking it slow to be safe. I Will up to 20 mg in a few days.

  10. Thats crazy I never heard of anyone having problems with their support supps but hey everyones body is different. On this cycle I just took milk thistle/fish oil/ saw palmeto/vitamin/and some joint support. Basic because I knew that the I have done 3 prior cycles of superdrol and knew that Methyl-Plex would be a little easier on the body.

  11. It could be a coincidence and totally unrelated and just happened to fall on those days. <shrug>
    Not taking the Hawthorn Berry today. I feel pretty good so far. Also I'm trying to space out the pills. It could be I was throwing to much at my body at once, would explain the stomach but the hands thing is still weird. Haven't had a chance to check my bp, don't have a machine at home so will have to go to a pharmacy that has one.


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