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  1. Originally posted by ToddG
    While gloves work, I've found a simpler solution during my first cycle....a zip lock type baggie. Works great, fits both hands, and you can slip it over the bottle for storage when you're finished with an application.

    ha...i can just see you with two little ziplock bags over your hands man. majority of you guys seem to use latex glove or (like toddg) ziplock bags or some other sort of cover while applying but i just use my palms and fingertips. i literally wash my hands afterwords for a good 5 minutes. but i understand why using a glove would be so much better...had one experience with my contacts that eye redder than a monkeys ass man.

  2. I use a little sprayer with my homebrew. It is a 30 ml bottle and the sprayer seems indestructable. I then spread it with my hand in a ziplock bag. Works well

  3. Originally posted by gettin'old
    I hear ya Kay. But I have one PARAMOUNT concern and that is I have a baby and I can't keep my hands off the awesome little devil. I would kill myself if I messed him up in any way so, if I'm going to try this, I am going to have to be VERY, VERY CAREFUL.

    Hence, I think the gloves, as a minimum precaution, are mandatory.

    I just let my wife spread it for me (she uses latex gloves). I am currently doing the Monster Combo from 1fast, so 6 squirts of 1-T and 6 squirts of 4-AD. We rotate the application of 1-T from Chest/Abs to Back and vice versa for the 4-AD. The 1-T seems to irritate the skin a lot more.

    Anyway the wife puts the elbow grease into it when she is applying it so it helps get it into the skin a bit better. Also the drying times aren't as long. I then put a t-shirt on and don't worry about her or the kids rubbing up against me then. When my wife isn't available my son(12) helps out, but I never ask my daughter(10).

    And to be entirely safe. They wash their hands w/ the gloves on to get it off the gloves prior to disposing of them and then wash their hands after I remove the gloves for them.

    I am sure a little bit won't hurt my son or wife if they get it washed off quickly but I like being safe.

    As others have said, it burns like a son-of-a-bitch if you get it in your eyes. Also I found it necessary to be extremely careful w/ that loofa/sponge after exfoliating. If you use it on your face right after you use it on an application area you will know what I mean. This also goes for the johnson. That 1-T stuff burns bad when it gets in that area. And if you put it on your back make sure you got your butt cheeks pinched tight when you are washing your back. Rectal burn from the run off isn't any fun.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Originally posted by deaconbill
    Don't let anyone tell you that you can't build muscles at an older age.  I feel like I was in my twenties again.  BTW, the 1-test helps with that.  Good luck. [/B]
    I agree 100% Deaconbill with you bro, it's never to late to build muscles and the T-1 makes me feel like 21 not 41

  5. Originally posted by Buck

    And if you put it on your back make sure you got your butt cheeks pinched tight when you are washing your back. Rectal burn from the run off isn't any fun.

    Hope that helps!
    Brotha I hear ya! I'm also on the Monster COmbo from 1Fast (just started on Monday) and in the shower this morning, damn! My nuts was on fire!

    Here's a tip, Costco has two packs of latex gloves (powder free) real cheap. I've been using them for years for working on Cars, Motorcycles, and any other nasty, greasy stuff. Old roomate who was a mechanic told me about the trick. Comes in real handy when the wife is at the store and the baby wakes up while you have half the dirt bike's engine tore apart..

  6. Where not to apply your transdermal PH/PS

    Your ass,sack,scrote,ears,nose throat, eyes, head,hands,feet

    and of course tongue.

  7. Re: Where not to apply your transdermal PH/PS

    Originally posted by Blacksmith
    Your ass,sack,scrote,ears,nose throat, eyes, head,hands,feet

    and of course tongue.

  8. Latex Gloves

    You might want to be careful applying with latex gloves, theres a possibility for allergic reaction between the latex gloves and certain chemicals in the topical. There was a thread on with a source for the exact information, but I'm too lazy to search for it at the moment. It shouldn't affect many, but if you are one of the select few, it could suck!


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