Sustanon or Test

  1. Sustanon or Test

    Which would be best for a first injectable cycle for mass and strength?

  2. ...sustanon is test man .. do a lot of reading and research around here so you understand what everything is and how everything works (including things like HCG, nolva, AI's, half-lives, etc.) .. its foolish and irresponsible as well as dangerous to put an exogenous hormone into your body without fully understanding what's involved

  3. I totally agree that is why I am on here asking questions. I understand they are the same things however I am asking which one is best for a bulk cycle. Sustanon 250 or Test enanthate?

  4. either is fine test is test is test ... sust needs to be pinned eod, enan 2x a week

    i really don't want this to come across like me being a d*ck because i'm not .. but instead of posting very basic questions use the search function .. you'll find the answer to 99.9% of your questions that way

  5. Dont worry about it I have been flamed much worse when I first started coming to the boards. I thought I would ask that question because I knew you were reading the thread and you have a good rep. Good luck on your quest to 600!

  6. If it's your first time you'll probably won't want to go with the sust 250 simply due to the amount of injections that it would take to run correctly. Sust 250 is a blend of the following types of testosterone: 30 mg propionate, 60 mg isocaproate, 60 mg as phenylpropionate, 100 mg decanoate, so there will be various clearing times for each, thus the need to pin so often...I would just go with the enanthate if I were you.
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  7. once your done your research

    1-12 500mg test enanthate

  8. How often do you need to inject test and are you saying 12 weeks and 500mg a week?

  9. 250mgs on mon and 250mgs on thurs

  10. Sustanon/Omna is actually designed for HRT and more expensive than long esters cyp/enan. Test is test.. and if you are just getting started run 500mg of test e.


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