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Longer oral cycles? (unmethylated)

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    Longer oral cycles? (unmethylated)

    Just brainstorming here. I'm sure that injectables or transdermals including a good dose of test would be more ideal.

    Are there any cholesterol/toxicity issues when running unmethylated orals for longer cycles around 8 weeks? Or any other sides that you wouldn't see in a 4 week cycle?

    Granted, there aren't a lot of options out there for unmethylated orals. The original 4AD and 1AD are gone .

    Max LMG & clones, Propadrol, Finigenx Magnum & clones, etc.

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    Everything in the blood cycles through the liver, whether it's been injected or not. Avoiding deactivation in the first liver pass is crucial in order for a substance to reach a good peak blood plasma level. If there is not a sufficient liver toxicity issue with a compound, I would treat it as any other low-toxicity steroid and as far as cycle length, just be concerned about the anabolic/androgenic ratio to avoid too much suppression and if problems arise in your cycle, don't hesitate to halt the cycle and begin PCT immediately.
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    personally, I can never go more than about 10 minutes oral...
    all bad jokes aside, finigenx or max lmg for 8 weeks is likely asking for some nasty shutdown

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