Cabergoline w/o dropper what to do???

  1. Cabergoline w/o dropper what to do???

    I just got some cabergoline to make sure discharge stays away and I got my cabergoline w/ no measurements on the dropper....I've got Nolva from the same place w/ a dropper would this work??

    I got it so my
    B oobs wouldnt have
    E xcess dischage

  2. It should work if they're both the same droppers. If worse comes to worst just go to Walgreens and get a dropper from them

  3. Just out of curiosity, what dose do most people start off at with cabergoline?? I heard .5 mg/e3d.

  4. ^^yeah that's good.. E3D or even E4D considering Caber has a long halflife.

    And a dropper that has graduations on it, no matter where you got it from, will work.... as measurements are standardized. You can even use an oral syringe (you can find those anywhere on the web).

    If you for some reason end up without a dropper, and are at the end of your rope, any type of syringe will do... just squirt it in your mouth.

  5. Thanks guys im good to go

  6. Thanks Ubiquitous. How long will it take to start noticing its effects (such as multiple orgasms

  7. It easy just to use a syringe to measure.


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