Question about steroid cycles and recovery?

  1. Question about steroid cycles and recovery?

    I was just wondering how you guys trained during a cycle? I mean normally when im trying to bulk like now I would do a 2 day workout where I do compound workouts take a day off then do the 2 day again and weekend off. I try not to go more then an hour. Iv just heard on gear you can recover so fast that some people train for hours a day and everyday with no time off. Is this more beneficial? Also after you finish your cycle and start your post cycle therapy do you still lift intense and train hard? Im considering doing a cycle in the future but say you did a 15 sweek cycle and take 15 weeks off, would you gain more size/str in those 30 weeks then if you had not taken any gear at all? Id love to hear from some of you about this. Thanks in advance for any information as it is very much appreciated and will be put to good use.

  2. I just keep the same routine but up my volume a little. For example, instead of doing 9 sets/workout I may do 12 sets/workout.

    Your recovery will be better, but if your off-cycle routine is solid then you shouldn't need to change it much.

  3. I train DC style while off and will be doing it while on as well with my cutter i'm starting next week. So i'm lifting 3 days a week and doing cardio 5 days a week, post-workout and on my off days inbetween. The only difference is i'll make bigger strength gains and i'll be able to progress much faster while "on".

  4. appreciate the tips guys. Im on a pretty solid bulking program now that Im seeing gains on so if I ever do decide to try a cycle I will prolly just stick with what Im doing and just tweak it a bit. Thanks again for the tips.

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