1. Dbol/prohormones

    Is there any prohormone on the market that you could get that could be stacked with dbol? Any help would be great

  2. Stupes
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    Why not use it to kick off a cycle of Test?

  3. Cant get my hands on any but have 200 dbol tabs AND DONT WANT TO RUN DBOL BY ITSELF
  4. Stupes
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    I'm sure people will say M-TRN or Halodrol - but IMO - any other oral mixed with D-Bol in a 4-6 week cycle isn't going to do much for you in terms of keeping gains post cycle. It's still a 4-6 week oral only cycle no matter how you cut it. And those gains just don't stick around for too long - you might keep a few pounds. But if you don't want to do D-Bol alone because of some bloat - then you need an AI........

  5. Well I would go with one that is not methylated so that narrows it down because their is not to many of them. x-mass is good if you can find it

  6. M-TST maybe?


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