thoughts on high dose methyldienolone

  1. thoughts on high dose methyldienolone

    i'm talkin 40mg or higher. is it better then t-bol, anavar winstrol. i'm taking 40mg ed and i'm using other stuff so its hard to tell. liver enzymes were perfectly normal. does it rate right up there w/ old school cutters or is it junk.

  2. A lot of people did like Methyl-D when they used it in high enough doses. I never tried it myself but it's supposed to be a nice lean bulker/re-comp type of steroid. Many had to use a high dose because the original recommended dose was pretty low. IIRC many needed at least 20 mg to get results

  3. i'm using 40mg ed and i think its helping me body recomp.-wise
    i like about the same as mohn.

  4. I had good lean results when dosed the same as M4OHN(32mgsED)
    It effects my mood slightly less positively than M4OHN but, strength seemed a little better...good stuff!!!

  5. its about the best steroid i know of to cut you'll get strength gains, and it made me the most "ripped" i have ever been.



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