Clens a dissapointment?

  1. Clens a dissapointment?

    After reading up on lots of old clen articles on this board, i've found that many of you have found that an ECA stack was just a good if not better at strictly fat burning purposes than clenbuterol. Many have reported more strength gains, but if im just looking to drop from %11 bodyfat to around %6or%7 is clen going to really be that miracle or is an ECA+cardio going to be just as affective. Does clen make a difference in the aid of fat loss?

  2. From what I can gather and from monitoring my wifes training Clen did nothing for her where and ECA did and does. I would say that from what I've read Clen is great when stacked with T3 and thats about it.

  3. my roomate just finished a 3 week cycle. it was a pyramid that started at 40 and peaked at 100mcg [i set it up for him]. he started out at about 15% bodyfat and lost 7 pounds. he said at 80 and 100 he was sweating constantly and shook occasionally. the cost/benefit ratio is definitely in the toilet. eca all the way.

  4. i hate being all jumpy and ECA ****s me up real bad. my body doesn't tolerate anything of the sort, if i popped a ripped fuel around 10 in the morning, i wouldn't be able to sleep till 2-3AM.

    Clen works great for a lot of people, i've seen it work especially well for women. my g/f swears by it, and it works great to take a quick 3-4lbs in a week or so.

    I don't have any studies that prove this, but i've noticed skinny people w/ a slight amount of fat maybe 8-9% trying to get down to 6-7% see a bigger change in clen.

    Another thing is, why not cycle the two, clen and ECA that is? 2 weeks each, that way

    And yes, stacked w/ T-3 is an awsome fatloss stack!

  5. Thanks for the replies from the two of you. ANyone else? Please list your expierences and if you think clen by itselft without T3 is even worth it. Thanks

  6. Personally I have not taken it but If I did I would take clen with cytomel(T3). Everything I've read has stated it's best in that combination. Late

  7. i heard t3 and clen work good 2gether... i have used clen post cycle for its anti catabolic effects and i liked it... im doin tren/prop/winny/clen/t3 now

  8. Clen with t3 is better than clen alone doubt.
    Cycle the clean\t3 with EC or ECA........... 2 weeks clen\t3, 2 weeks eca and repeat. I have had better results with this stack than with any ECA or NYC stack made.

    I actually like the clen jitters, but do not care for the ECA racing.

    IMO an ECA is better for workout boost......clen\t3 for cutting.

    With that said, I still believe that a clen and t3 stack should not be toyed with and should be done only by experienced individuals.


  9. Here's a good thread on someone's Clen usage:
    William Llewellyn's Anabolics, Underground Anabolics, and SSRG ebook editions!

  10. Clen works well for some and not so well for others. Like many substances you just have to see how your body responds. Clen works well for me at 160mcg daily and i have less sides with that dosage than i do with one ECA cap. Therefore, i prefer clen.


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