clen headaches

  1. clen headaches

    hey bros my chic in on 60 mcg of clen currently 2 on 2 off this is her first week and is getting head aches.
    she is dosing 20mcg e4h what else can be done to help???
    also she is taking with meals or snacks

  2. Usually I find that people suffering those kinds of sides are getting them because of the supps in combination with too low calories and/or too much training. Make sure she's getting enough nutrition and water. Is she taking in caffeine as well?

  3. yea ive told her too stop caffine and to make sure she is eating enough calories or she will look like nicole richie and im making she she has enough protien aswell.. right know she is doing cardio and weights oed

  4. slow it down...dosing only needs to be once a day...i do it first thing in the morning...

    pyramid 20/20/40/40/40/60/60/60/60/40/40/40/20/20

    i did 40 on my first day ever and it was horrible

    then i did 20 the next 2 days and slowly pyramided to 140 and always felt fine

  5. Um, have yo taken her BP? Thats a good idea. Also, add some taurine. Defintaly taker it down until it is more tolerable. I hate clen. Love ECA.
    My The 1 LOG:

  6. yea checked bp it was good 124/83 i did think of taurine but i thought that was only for cramps


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