1-test & primo structure similarities

  1. 1-test & primo structure similarities

    I'm new to the board, but joined because of the potential of this area. Loved the experiment posts.

    Anyway I noticed that the base methenolone structure seems to be the same as that of 1-test except for the methyl group. Does this mean a person could methylate 1-test (and add an ester maybe) to get a methenolone acetate or enanthate?

    I'm a newbie to organic chemistry and enjoy learning. Thanks

  2. This was discussed a little while back and the conclusion was that it would be an expensive process. It would be nice but people aren't going to pay much more for 1test than it already is.

  3. Could anyone direct me to that thread? I haven't found it searching. I'm not so concerned with price, just the process itself.

  4. Thanks bro. The price on this stuff is just gonna keep getting lower so finding a way of making it more effective would be in all our best interests. I'd like to hear specifically why it's so difficult or expensive to do.

  5. it is hard to do because you have to protect the 3-keto group before you can carry out any reactions, and even then there is a long work up and very specific conditions required for such a reaction, and the equipment you would need and so on...

    a reaction like taking a dione or diol and turning it into the parent compound is easy it is usually at room temp with simple reagents. same with addind an ester or removing it, simple processes and complete reactions so you don't lose starting material. with something like this, one would be better off synthesizing form scratch. go to a university with a good chem program, they will have all the material in the library.

    cheers, pete

  6. Thanks, my school's library is totally ass. Been too busy to look for better places lately.


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