1,4 andro - benefits of transdermal?

  1. Question 1,4 andro - benefits of transdermal?

    Is there any benefit to making 1,4 andro transdermal besides the obvious sustained release? To my understanding 1,4 has a very high oral bioavailabity.

    I will be mixing 12 grams of 1,4 powder with 240ml of T-Gel. 6 squirts/day. Wondering if I should just cap the powder and save my T-Gel.


  2. Absorption is good orally, I would just cap and save the gel. You can adjust when you take so as to keep blood levels high, and your not bound to slopping it on every twelve hours.


  3. Originally posted by Project
    Is there any benefit to making 1,4 andro transdermal ....

    Yes, there is less liver toxicity.

  4. I decided to go transdermal. For these reasons:

    1) Sustained release -- do not want to have to remember to take pills every 3 hours.
    2) I shave my body religiously every morning.
    3) Applying 3 squirts after my morning shower. Shower again before I go to bed and apply 3 more squirts. Sounds painless to me.

    Should yield about 260-275mg absorbed daily if my math is right. Is that enough? I am doing a 1,4 andro only cycle -- 4 weeks.

    Goals are to mainly increase endurance (1,4 increases red blood cell count), while also gaining a small bit of lean mass and strength.

    Stats :

    170 @ 11% BF

    I do not want to stack any other prohormones b/c I have never taken 1,4 before and want to assess its effectiveness.


  5. Good luck Project, I was also wondering what a 1,4 andro only cycle would yield results wise, keep us posted.

  6. I want to hear your results Project. Let us know....also, some good info on the subject in this thread:


  7. Project, boldenone works better on longer cycles, not much gains on a 4 weeker. I'd think the same would be true for 1,4andro as well.

    I'd like to know what sort of gains/sides from 1,4andro only cycles tho.


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