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    I'm about to put together my 3rd cycle. My first was T-1 pro. And my second cycle was the same but I just screwed up the dosage on that cycle and did 4 squirts twice a day. I have been off my cycle for about 3 months and won't to start my 3rd. I'm looking for some help since bdc products have changed. Thanx

  2. That's a pretty broad question. What are you thinking about doing? I'd suggest you do some research and put something together and then ask for comments?

  3. Super One+ is pretty popular.
    Its 1-t and 4-AD transdermal.
    If you want even more results you could stack it with 1,4 andro orals.

  4. Ok, we know you've done PH's before, but give us more: stats, bulking or cutting?

  5. Definately a bulking cycle! I always have some what of a hard time bulking up. Diet is alway good. As far as stats last cycle was good about 7 real pounds when it was all said and done. Yes I always won't more who doesen't. Just looking to try some thing new and didn't know where to go with the new products. And where to go with the dosages.


  6. Maybe 4 bottles of t1 final, and a bottle of nolva from You'd be applying 333 mg of each per day if you were to do a 30 day cycle. May be over kill who knows but you'll definately put on some mass.

  7. Sounds good! What about the dosage per day?


  8. Also checked on the Nolva, out of stock, any others?


  9. Check out the sciencesupply banner at the top.


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