Starting T 1 Pro on Monday

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    Starting T 1 Pro on Monday

    Hey everyone, just found this site....

    5'10, 195 lbs, about 9-10% bf, don't know exactly but I can usually see a 6 pack at all times.......

    Have run fina/dbol, fina/anadrol in the past with good results......great results actually considering those two cycles were 4 weekers only and I have gained 35 lbs since last April.

    So I just got a bottle of T1 Pro, I wanted to give PHs a shot....

    I'm thinking that 2 pumps of the lotion a day will be enough huh? Should I go with more, like 3-4 pumps a day?

    I have nolva on hand, I can get clomid if need be but I want to try to use nolva for my post cycle recovery this time.....

    Also, how long should this bottle last at 2 pumps/day? I am not looking for major mass gains here, I want to harden up/lose some bf b4 summer really kicks in...I know 4ad isn't really for cutting, but I don't mind the bloat i hear people getting from it.....atleast I'll know this stuff is working.

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    For the dosage I always like to start at the bottom and work my way up. I mean why take more than you have to just to end up with similar results? Personally I did 2 squirts a day for 4 weeks and gained 13pounds. Also to answer another one of your questions at 2squirts a day T-1pro will last 2, four week cycles. Hope that helps. Late
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    I would say use 3 or 4 squirts a day since u have used heavier androgens b4, but thas just my opinion.

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