gyno 3 weeks after 19Nor cycle, why?

  1. gyno 3 weeks after 19Nor cycle, why?


    a friend of mine who took 500 mg of 19Norandrostenedione orally for a month has reported to develop gynecomastia 3 weeks after finishing the cycle. It really bugs me because I don't understand the reason(s) that might be behind this strange occurence. I would understand it if a steroid attached to a long ester was used, but being the case oral 19Nor it has no sense. Besides, the fact that just a total prohormone intake of 500mg (he just took the 19Nor) was taken added to the fact that 19Nor orally gives a really ****ty delivery (~5.61%) adds to the confusion.

    Could it be that 19Nor screwed with his HPTA and, as he didn't take any post-cycle supplement, he maintained an unhealty estrogen:testosterone ratio?

    Please, tell me.

  2. Estrogen rebound. Once suppression was lifted, test levels AND estrogen levels will rise. It could possibly happen but I don't think its glandular gyno. Get some nolva.
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  3. It is clearly glandular gyno, as he had a lot of pain. Besides, he waited 2 months before taking nolvadex, arimidex, etc. And it didn't disappear.

  4. Then tell them to document it because its the first case where gladular gyno was caused by PH's. Only resort now is surgery. Go see a doctor.
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  5. What dose and was the nolva taken for an for how long? The studies that show it working had users taking it for 3 months (20mg)

    It may not completely cure it, but it should definitely alleviate the symptoms and cause at least partial reduction in size.

    4diones are highly estrogenic so estrogen was probably elevated while using it. All hell probably broke loose right after test crashed post cycle. Alcohol or dope could have made it worse too.



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