phera-plex (Methyl-Plex) with 1-test stack and libido/lethargy

  1. phera-plex (Methyl-Plex) with 1-test stack and libido/lethargy

    Has anyone who has had loss of decrease in libido on 1-test tried stacking it with phera-plex (or a clone brand) ?
    Did it counter the lethargy/libido problems ?

  2. anyone ever stacked them at all ?

  3. 1-Test will destroy libido. I've taken Test Cyp with Phera and the wood was slightly better, but not by a lot, because of the Phera. I never really got bad lethargy from 1-Test in the past.

  4. I'm the same, 1-test killed libido. Lethargy was tolerable and was only really a problem the first week. I won't to touch the stuff again unless it's stacked, I like my libido to be working.

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