1-t uptake

  1. 1-t uptake

    I have done many searches and cannot find an answer to my question. So, here goes.

    I have read the uptake of 1-t, 4ad,1ad(the latter two converting to 1-test) is controlled by a certain 5 alpha enzyme the body produces. Is this a finite amount that is controlled by genetics or can it be manipulated through supplementation or diet?

    Is there any way to increase the uptake of 1-t(or test) by increasing this 5-alpha enzyme produced in my lab rats body?

  2. I dont think that there is a need to manipulate the enzyme because 1test is already active. 1AD on the other hand is rate limited.

  3. I thought i read here, that 1-t uptake itself is controlled by an enzyme, and that there is only so much 1-t the body will take on.

    I am not a doctor or specialist in this area, but i know a few guys on here are.

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