HGH / Growth Injectables, their effect on bone growth

  1. HGH / Growth Injectables, their effect on bone growth

    My question here is concerned with injecting HGH and what the prospects are we me to have skeletal bone growth?

    Iv got freakishly small wrists/hands for a guy, and not that its bothered me because im sorta outgoing and confidant and this sorta **** doesnt get to me BUT I don know that if I do get intot some hardcore building Im going to look way outta proportion. Plus I need to strengthen the ****ers

    Background :

    Ok Im almost 24 and start lifting around a year ago. Iv still not given this the 100% it deserves... anyway so a good mate is sourcing his HGH from china for really cheap and offered me some which I declined (for now!)

    I hope to stay natural for a few years longer (2-3 maybe) and max out on diet / herbs / supps etc before I get on any sort of juice.
    My belief is that if I can try and push my genetic limit I atleast earn the right to get some help from the gear!!

    Im not sure about this stuff much but I know that HGH differs a lot from anabolic steroids, Wanna know your thoughts on jumping into the HGH bandwagon too early?

  2. Growth plates should have closed by then I believe...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Ziricote
    Growth plates should have closed by then I believe...
    I stopped growing when I was close to 17 !!!

    But I was curious about this as many people get onto AAS at 30+ and still do cycles that help. so is it the same with HGH ?

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