Clenbuterol and cardio. oK?

  1. Clenbuterol and cardio. oK?

    Hey guys new to forum. Im starting my first cycle of Clen in a week or so. Spiropent. Probably 2weeks. 2020404060608080606040402020. I will be taking 5mg of taurine and 400mg of potassium as well. Also im getting my heart and blood checked first. Anyway im 5'11 176lbs around %10bodyfat and these last few lbs are killer. My ? is. Are you supposed to take clen in the morning on an empty stomach or with a protien shake before cardio, because on nothing my heart rate is around 130-140 on the stair climber. On an eca stack it gets to around 155-160. Will it go even higher on clen? I don't want to have a heart attack while on the stair climber. Am I safer taking it after cardio since it has a 36hour half life or will I not burn fat as effectivly? Thanks

  2. Take it in the morning and you'll be fine. You'll find the dosage thats right for you as you taper it up. It really doens't matter when you take after the first couple time because systematic levels will be high due to the long half-life.
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  3. Should I take it on an empty stomach for best results or with food? Or how about just a protien shake? Or does it even matter? Thanks again.

  4. those are low dosages. cardio should be no problem

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