Synovex question.

  1. Question Synovex question.

    After looking at the Synovex conversion process I thought of something disturbing, that not all the estradiol is estered in some batches. Will the HaOh/tert-butoxide still remove the estradiol? Granting that I have limited chemistry skills I came up big NO. This is scary in that 10% unestered would amount to a birth control pill a day. This would explain why some people got gyno using this even with l-dex. Is this right? Any thoughts/info please.
    TIA Skye.

  2. what process are you using? not sodium hydroxide?

  3. Iím opted out for the syno, this is for others. But I should have asked the question better:
    Does ether sodium hydroxide or tertiary butoxide solublize unestered Estradiol?
    I donít think it does and was looking for confirmation on the matter. (Or correction)

  4. I used sodium hydroxide in my conversion and have had no estro sides. I'm on the converted syno right no with anti-e.



    Some answers from Chemo, sodium hydroxide worked to about 1% estradiol according to his tests

  6. Thanks Weave, that last one was what I was looking for. Now I got to go edit some post.


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