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  1. Oral Finaplex

    I was reading a steroid profile on bodybuilding.com and the article said that fina could be taken orally and that oral potential is greater than if it is made into a transdermal. ?? does this sound right

    It also claimed that it would make a good substance for nasal or sublingual delivery. Has anybody made nasal or sublingual homebrews? How does taking a compound nasally differ from transdermal? Given what little I know about the subject (very little :-)) would sublingual delivery of these types of substances be vialble. I had read an article some time back about sublingual absorbtion and I recall that the substance that you want to absorb had to be attached to a sugar or a certain shape.....????? am I smokin something. Just trying to learn this stuff

  2. A sublingual version of fina (trenbolone acetate) would burn like crazy. That is one way to verify if you have a good product when converting it to an injectable is by touching it to the tongue. Fina burns when touched to the tongue. From what I have read, an intranasal fina is such a pain when taken that most discontinue the cycle after about 3 days or so. The best option would be to convert it to an injectable although one can achieve excellent bioavailability through a transdermal delivery when the ester (acetate) is removed. The injectable method yields nearly 100% bioavailability while the transdermal method can yield from 30-50% bioavailability depending on the carrier medium. Hope this answered some of your questions. PM me if you have any more.

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    Woooaa, try and AVOID NASAL, I don't even have to research to tell you this. That's gonna be harsh on your nasal canal and you don't want to **** it up because if you do, even irratating it will cause problems, you'll have to get surgery. Take it from me, I'd trans over nasal any day. Oh and if your taking it orally, are you asking which is better, oral or trans??????

  4. Yep, the article was saying that using finaplex orally was better than transdermal. Unless my dyslexia is kicking in again.

    sorry, I should have been more specific with my question, the nasal and sublingual preperation were more for Ph than for fina, my bad. I think I found some answers to that on the 1fast400 site. Thanks for the response

  5. Thats recommendation was made with old transdermal formula's in mind (15-20%). With the formulations now and removing the ester you can get 30-40% absortion.

    There is an article over at mindandmuscle.net about making a trenbolone nasal spray if you interested. Mike might have that posted on his site as well.
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  6. I have a buddy that (in the past) has used Fina under his tongue......he said it burned like hell......almost unbearable.

    He switched over to injectable after that so I can't say what his results were from oral.

  7. Sunblingual is the worst method. Lipophillic substances do not absord well at all through mucous membranes and with the added ester its even more lipophillic.

    Oral and sublingual are two different methods.
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  8. your right...Bobo....

    and my friend did his sublingual........not oral. Thanks.

  9. I seem to be following your posts around....

    Sorry bout that...
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  10. Have you ever felt like your being watched??

    I started looking behind me !! lol

    Thanks for all the information you give......I like the detail
  11. AlexParty
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    Could doing it by nasal possibly cause a Deviated septum?? I think that only occurs if you get punhced, bump your nose hard or if it gets dislocated????

  12. No, it won't.
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  13. If you do decide to do sublingual fina. You may wanna use the cyclo method. You can buy the cyclo powder from mike a 1fast400.
    I'm going to be making some pretty soon.

  14. Champster, Are you saying that Mike sales cycle Fina powder? If so that is news to me.

  15. Originally posted by Matthew D
    Champster, Are you saying that Mike sales cycle Fina powder? If so that is news to me.
    I believe he is saying that Mike sells the cyclo powder in bulk and that he is going to mix it with Fina.

  16. Exactly!

    I have no inhibitions about injections. I get my own crib in August since I just moved to Denver.

    For now I'm going to give this method a try.

  17. I dont remember where I found it but somewhere I have the recipe on how to make fina nasal spray if anyone wants it ......

    I cant imagine doing it either... but some people just refuse to inject .

  18. I was hoping that was the case Wind

  19. For those who may be doubting or question the effectiveness of different absorption rates. I found this some time ago on the site posted below.

    The following chart compares absorption rates of delivery systems:

    Delivery System Rate of Absorption*(5)

    Pill or tablet 10%

    Capsule 20%

    Gel Cap 30%

    Transdermal Patch 45%

    Sublingual Liquid 50%

    Intramuscular Injection 90%

    Intraoral or Sublingual Spray 95%

    Intravenous Injection 100%

  20. That does not apply to Tren. Its not even close.
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  21. So Bobo, You don't think that base powder tren (fina) made into a cyclo formula would yield a better absorption than transdermal?

  22. Here is some feedback on a user who tried the Cyclo method of fina and other compounds.

  23. I didn't say that. You posted a gneralized list of absbortion rates which would be differnet for each form of tren along with many other substances . Acetate has a higher absortion orally than 10% due to its chemical structure(estimated 20-30%). This also reduced the absortion rate of a trans unless that ester is removed. Base is much better for a trans or sublingual since the ester is removed. If you use the cyclo powder you definetly would get better absortion than just stickin the pellets under your tongue. Seems people think that you get decent absortion that way. You would have to take it several timea a day since you can only absorb so much sublingually.
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  24. Thanks for your input bro. I wasn't questioning your knowledge.

    Do you find that most people use kits when converting fina pellets into base powder?

  25. No prob...There are just many factors that go into absortion rates. As for using kit, you could but removing the ester is easy. Chemo has a thread on it on his sig. I'm not sure if you want to use that sublingually though. I would rather use pure base powder from someone. I'm not too sure if it would make a difference though. I've never done an sublingual ph's or AAS. Don't know what type of toxins are left over after the seperation...Chemo would know.
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  26. Thanks for that info bro.

  27. A few places are now making tabs, so you do not to use the tren pellets.
    here is some info:
    "Parabolan tablets are an oral anabolic steroid with a great effect on the protein metabolism. It is one of the best effective anabolic, promoting protein synthesis as well as creating a positive nitrogen balance. Appetite stimulant and for the improvement of the conversion of proteins. In laboratory tests it has been demonstrated that trenbolone acetate increases protein and decreases fat deposition. It has proven to be an excellent product for promoting size and strength in the presence of adequate protein and calories, promotes body tissue building processes and can reverse catabolism. "

    However, I am yet to find anyone who has used them.

  28. The trick is getting access to those tren tabs. I'm sure its not readily available like the pellets are.

  29. if you want a nasal spray rescipy go to there are alot of good links there


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