Advice on joint and muscle pain!!!!!

  1. Advice on joint and muscle pain!!!!!

    Been injecting for 11 months now. I have not offcycled but once, advised that i didnt need to. I am having a lot of joint and mucle pain, stiffness and it seems to be getting worse. was injecting once a week, 1.5 cc dose. 2 weeks ago started injecting twice a week, 1 cc each injection. my injections dosnt seem to be working as well as in the first couple of months. using for hrt treatment. thanks Ed

  2. Your MD isn't giving any advice on what to do to combat your HRT training?

  3. My doc was suppose to call me a couple of weeks ago. I think its time to find another. to be frank, ive been on my own from the start.

  4. I'm going to move this to the steroid section as the good Doc. here doesn't like to give OTN treatment and HRT requires continual treatment. You're basically just on a self prescribed steroid cycle. No disrespect intended by that comment but this really doesn't belong in this particular sub-forum...

    Cissus is what a lot of folks are taking now to combat your types of pain. You can also try Glucosamine/Chondroitin as well.

  5. I'm not really on my own, I'm with Palm Beach Health. It's just that the information that I get and the treatment that I'm receiving from them is so vague, that I feel as if I'm on my own.

  6. Understood...Muscle cramps or just general pain in your muscles?


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