synovex differences

  1. synovex differences

    What is the difference between Synovex H, Synovex C, and Synovex S. I am correct in thinking that only the H (Heifer) version contains test and estrogen?

  2. Yes. Stick with H.
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  3. Listen to Bobo, go with the H. Are you planning a test prop, tren cycle?

  4. don't know, just trying to research it right not. I am hypogonadal so I have an Rx for testosterone. Right now I am on a testosterone cream (just finished up 6 weeks of it) and the doc said that he could switch me to an injection. Just looking for stacking alternatives, if I am going to be on it I might as well make the most of it :-). Any suggestions? I was also trying to figure out if using a Ph with the real test would work out since I am not using any conversion enzymes for the real test, maybe some 19-nordiol or 1-Test????

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