16 Week Cutting Plans, What first, Prostanozol Dosing check, etc

  1. 16 Week Cutting Plans, What first, Prostanozol Dosing check, etc

    I started lifting about 2 1/2 years ago and have lifted hard from the start. I got excessively lazy this spring and summer and lost alot of muscle definition and size as well as putting on a descent amount of fat. Started lifting again about 2 months ago doing 4 days a week lifting/3 days cardio. Back at:
    16% BF
    I've planned out this over the course of the next couple months to get me to where I want to be:
    Days 1-10:100mg Megazol
    Days 11-20:200mg Megazol
    Days 21-30:250mg Megazol
    Days 31-40:300mg Megazol
    End Megazol
    Week 1 after MZ: 30mg Nolva
    Week 2 after MZ: 20mg Nolva
    Week 3 after MZ: 20mg Nolva + 1 Ephedrine/Caffeine a day
    Week 4 after MZ: 10mg Nolva + 2 Ephedrine/Caffeine a day
    End Nolva
    Next 4 weeks: Ephedrine/Caffeine at 3x a day

    I will of course be taking whey, fish oil, and multis the whole time. Hawthorne Berries and Saw Palmetto will be used during MZ/Nolva usage. I've used Prostanozol before, love the lack of sides, and have seem people dose up 400mg before. With it's cutting effect I think it is a perfect way to start this off.

    Are my dosings ok on everything?
    Is it ok to take EC during last 2 weeks of PCT?
    Am I right doing Megazol then EC stack, or would it be more affective the other way around?
    Thanks guys

  2. If it were me I would do the exact opposite.

    4 weeks E/C stack
    4 weeks MZ
    4 weeks PCT

    you just started working out again. Take advantage of any muscle memory you have before trying the MZ. Also you'll recieve mixed reviews about cutting in PCT. I for one don't think you should drop cals during PCT. I don't see why E/C would be bad in PCT though as long as you didn't drop your cals too low.

  3. anyone else?

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