Has anyone seen this? Is this legit?

  1. Question Has anyone seen this? Is this legit?

    Feign my ignorance, but I am a semi-pro football player, just started my off-season training. Looking for new sups, ph's, etc. I just happened to do a Froogle search for Andro just to see what popped up and I found this:

    Ultimate Nutrition - Sports Nutrition
    Nor Androstenedione 100mg / 60 capsules

    Does anyone know anything about this product or company? Is this legit?

    Bear with me, I searched old posts for info and couldn't find any.

  2. I searched the company's website and couldn't find any product info. I thought then that maybe this was a product they "used" to make, but since the ban, stopped making and some retailer just "happened" to still have some. Don't know otherwise though.......

  3. Anything with Nor andro in it gives me nightmares. You're a semi-pro player? Stay the hell away from this stuff before you end your career before it begins. there's a ton of products that will give you str-end-recovery that won't get you booted from the program and risk you buying from a narc.

    Annabolicinnovations, USPLabs, Bioscience right here on the site has some proven products. I support all our board sponsors but I have had, as well as many others great results off their products. The kind you could use on and off the playing field.

  4. you probably want to stay away from anything with "Nor" in it. anything that converts to nandralone is a big nono if you have drug testing anywhere in the future.

    why not go with testosterone suspension? its the strongest type of testosterone available and it clears the system in 2-3...

  5. I'm just in amazement that I found a site that is "selling" this stuff. Searching even further, they are even selling MTech's Anotesten. That blew me away even more. I don't get tested at this point. What is the half-life of nandrolone anyway? Testosterone suspension would be nice, it's just acquiring it.....

  6. Trust me when I say that more often than not when you buy from a site you can froogle/google/yahoo, you're buying from a fed ran or watched place.

  7. I figured as much. That's why I took the time to post a thread before I just started making purchases. I just remember taking the Anotesten and Nortesten back when they first came out back around 96-97 and I thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

  8. Stick around and check out the site, you'll see some very exciting products that just came out and that are coming out that will make that bread look like burnt toast

  9. If you are a monk and want to be celibate than use said product as all nor's shut you down just like nandrolones.

  10. If one did have some pre-ban 4-AD capsules, and they wanted to use them transdermally, is there an easy way to separate the 4-AD from the filler? (For instance, a common solvent that could be used to extract the 4-AD?)

  11. Quote Originally Posted by morpheus1914
    What is the half-life of nandrolone anyway? Testosterone suspension would be nice, it's just acquiring it.....
    I believe they actually test for a metabolite of nandrolone. And I believe this can be detected 6-12 months later.


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