Finaplix-H or Component T-H

  1. Finaplix-H or Component T-H

    are ther realy the same cause Component T-H seems to be cheaper.

  2. Fina and Component T-H are the same. The only difference is Component T-H has more of it. It's usually always more expensive. PM with the site if you've found it for cheaper than Fina H. My cattle would be appreciate it

  3. comp is always cheaper by a few bucks in my a search on google or yahoo

  4. GROW COW GROW!!!!!!!



  5. Iteresting I always see Comp as being more and it made sense to me since it has more. Hmm my cows are confused

  6. comp is usually more since it's double the amount usually.

    but a thing of comp TH= couple dollars cheaper than 2 carts of fina.

  7. ok seriously i will not post a site to prove to u guys as thats just dumb do a thing called a search and u will see for urselves its few bucks but it is cheaper period

  8. i would pick finaplix-H over it

  9. wow, look at this old ass thread I dug up! anyway, I did so because some people claim component-th has lesser amounts of waste product to filter, making the job a bit easier, can anyone confirm?

  10. I know this is an old thread but I didn't want to create a new one.

    anybody else brewing comp th or fina? If so, whats your experience?
    The more I progress, the more I want to progress

  11. I just got all supplies to brew comp th. Not gonna do the crystal method because I don't want to deal with such harsh chemicals.

    Wish me luck
    The more I progress, the more I want to progress


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