First Cycle, Looking for advice or suggestions.

  1. First Cycle, Looking for advice or suggestions.

    Hey all, I have been on this site for 4 yrs now, researching and learning. I was looking at taking AAS when i was 21 but decided to continue to grow natually for a few more years so here i am.

    My Stats: 24, 5-10, 175lbs, 14% BF.

    Now reference my goals and what im looking to achieve out of a cycle while mitigating certain sides (mainly MPB), I have come up with 2 cycles but need some expertise advice on which cycle would better suit me considering 1) im a first time user 2) i dont want to put on a lot of size 3) trying to reduce MPB sides and 4) retain as less water as possible, (dry lean gains).

    With that being said, here are my two cycle and the problems i see with them:

    Cycle 1: 50mg EQ EOD for 10 weeks
    PCT: Clomid starting 2 weeks after last shot
    Nolva on hand

    Cycle 2: Sust 300mg /wk for 12 weeks
    PCT: Clomid starting 2 weeks after last shot
    Arimidex .5mg daily
    Nolva on hand

    My concerns and confusion on which cycle would be best for me is with cycle 1 im looking at EOD shots and with being a first time user is that somehting i should be concerned about? I feel that a solid EQ cycle at 250mg / wk will get me the 15-20lbs with little to no water retention of what im looking for. Also with the low dosages i dont have to worry about too many sides as well as rapid size gian which is not what i want.

    My concerns with cycle 2 is that with sust along with the arimidex i feel i can attain the same gains that my EQ cycle will give me if not better but i have to worry about 3 different types of test and if i have a bad reaction i wont know which one im reacting to? Also, an increase chance of MPB as well as water retention, however with the low dosage on that cycle also i think i dont have that much of a concern.

    So there it is, can you please tell me which cycle you all would reccomend reference my desired gains, concerned sides, and considering im a first time user.

    Im not looking to gain rapid size, to be honest, 10-15 pounds of lean mass and some hardness would be ideal. If im totally off base with either cycle please let me know cause i obvioulsy waited four years for a reason, to learn and give myself the best ability to build naturally. So i can take the criticism.

    Thanks guys,

  2. honestly at your height weight and bf% you need a better diet .. not gear .. you can EASILY gain naturally and it would be foolish to turn to gear

    use your money to hire BOBO instead and i guarantee you'll learn more than you can imagine about how to eat and grow more than you will with a sh*tty diet and gear .. plus the knowledge will last you forever

  3. I like the first two sentences of your post so much that I'm going to give you reps for them. You are a perfect example for all of the new folks here at AM. Oh, And listen to glenihan.

  4. ohh, just a quick note, the reason my avatar says a member since 2005 is because i forgot my old username and pass so i created a new one back in 05.

    Thanks for the advice guys, but i honestly have had a BOBO and he has got me to where im at today. I used to weigh 200 lbs and was at 23% BF until i learned how to eat and train and now i have leaned myself out to 170 and 14%. I know to add size it just the opposite with an increase in cals however im looking for some help in a little boost to help me with those gains.

    I appreciate your advice, and i know i still have a lot to learn about AAS but have finally made the choice to come over to the dark side so i would appreciate any help you can give me on my cycle or the best way to attain my goals.

    I have heard lots of good things about EQ only cycles and that the gains you get hard gradual but fairly dry for the most part and that is exactly what im looking for. With a proper PCT and the low dosages im looking at taking i think i can have a successful cycle with attainble and keepable gains. Now i just need some tweaking on my cycle for thos who have done an EQ only cycle and any other advice.

    Maybe there is another cycle that im unawar of that would be better for me in accordance with my desired gains? I dont know? And thats why im here, to see what you all have to say.


  5. i agree with the train real hard with a pro for at least a few more months first, but....

    i think both of those doses are way too low to be worthwhile, anything less than 500mg of test is not worth it to me, after pct you barely gain anything, and i will NEVER do another cycle without HCG again, seriously bro, gaining on gear is not hard, its keeping the mass and pct sucks bad, real bad for me, hcg makes me recover in a few days when i use tor from 6 week cycles. i even get a second wind once i start using the hcg as my naturual test comes up and i usually will gain another 2 lbs or so in the last week

    you may want to think of running a superdrol cycle too, they are simple and not that bad if you dont drink alchol, drink lots of water and eat a boat load of carbs

  6. Neverstop,

    thanks for the input, i will look into SD and H-50, a little more, i just figured if im gona use i might as well go over to the dark side and not mess around with orals.. Although however, i have seen some blogs and logs that people are crazy about SD and the gains they got off 3 weeks of using is pretty impresive.. Diet and training being a main factor of course..

  7. Oh Superdrol changed my physique. I did PP/Finigenx after that and then stopped working out for 6 months. I went from 185 to 202 ate and drank whatever and now I'm taking off some fat. I don't even want to think what would happen if I ran Superdrol again. Good stuff, hands down. You will feel like you have the flu for 3 weeks but you'll be one jacked sick man.

  8. I will feel like i have the flu the entire 3 weeks im on cycle? Thats not good.... lol

  9. Quote Originally Posted by ali11atc
    I will feel like i have the flu the entire 3 weeks im on cycle? Thats not good.... lol
    I'm on the 4th week of my first Superdrol cycle and I've felt fine the whole time. No sickness, no loss of libido, no lethargy, very little testicular atrophy. Seriously, I don't even feel like I'm "on" anything, except for the fact that I've gained 15 lbs and lost fat. M1T, on the other hand, gave me a 3-week flu. So it really depends on the person. But Superdrol's definitely worth trying in my opinion.

  10. Let me explain. I felt like I was on something. I was lethargic sometimes, but no "cat on the head type feeling". I am usually very energetic, on SD not so much. I really don't know if I have ever had the flu because I keep on truckin. You must consume large amounts of water and carbs, you'll love it, or maybe you won't,I did.


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