Serving sizes (random question)

  1. Serving sizes (random question)

    I'm not at home, so I'm hoping you guys can help me figure some things out...

    How much per pill is in each of these compounds and how many pills in a container:

    Prostanasol (25x60)
    MegaZol (50x60?)
    PherPlex (10x60?)
    P-Max (10x60?)
    Superdrol (10x90?)
    Methly DX3 (10x90?)
    MTRN (2x60?)
    MTST (2x60?)
    H-Max (25x30?)
    ProMaganon (25x60?)

    Hopefully I'm right, but if I'm not, can someone correct me?

  2. They all look right to me.

  3. MegaZol = 90
    Phera Max = 15mg @ 90

  4. HMax 25mg x 60 caps
    M-TST 2mg x 90 caps
    PMax 10mg x 90 caps

    Info from the actual bottles.

  5. My bad. I was just looking at the mg. Sorry about that.



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