4-aderm pulled off the market?

  1. 4-aderm pulled off the market?

    Was checking out good old ebay for this stuff and I found this guys auction:
    ebay auction

    I think he is full of **** because I haven't heard of this.. can anyone verify this?

  2. yea, i heard that as well. i dont know about as early as December tho.

    the only place i could find it was 1Fast for $40.

  3. That is where I picked up mine. I might give Mike a shout and see what hes says. Somebody might be buying about 10 bottles

  4. Yes it is true. The FDA banned all Avant Lab's transdermal prohormones. I believe the issue was labeling (otherwise, how could BDC continue to sell transdermal prohormones). Only pre-ban Avant Labs products at retailers can be sold. Avant Labs is regrouping. The Future Products webpage refers to new versions of prohormone formulas One and One+ coming out in the future, but apparently oral versions, not transdermal. So far, nothing posted about a new 4AD product.

  5. Bump; Emailed Mike from 1fast400. He should write back in the morning. I will keep everyone posted on his supply.

  6. where have you guys been?

  7. Originally posted by Jedi Master
    where have you guys been?
    To be fair, fizler and jergo both joined anabolicminds in April 2003. They could be new to prohormones.

  8. Originally posted by Jedi Master
    where have you guys been?
    I'm somewhat of a newbie in PH's, I know more about AS's. I figured I'd jump into illegal **** first and never bothered to look at Ph's. I did look at some of them and what not and I decieded to run a cycle to see what I got from it. Fizler

    There is a log in here somewhere.

  9. heh, yea, i "heard this" but wasn't totally sure. im new to PH's as well.

    anyhow, Fiz, any word yet bro?

  10. The FDA did not ban Avant. Avant was advised by a lawyer to pull it and they did so willingly

  11. Originally posted by dg806
    The FDA did not ban Avant. Avant was advised by a lawyer to pull it and they did so willingly
    Well put it this way: Avant decided to "voluntarily" withdraw its product from the marketplace as a result of perceived impending FDA action. Avant most assuredly didn't want to stop selling its product. Avant's trandermals were extremely hot sellers and Avant is a business after all. The FDA has the power to "coerce" a company, especially a small company with limited financial resources to expend on litigation.

    Either Avant determined that the FDA had a legitimate argument (as I posted above, I believe the issue was labeling, not the legality of selling the product's contents) or Avant chose not to fight the FDA for financial reasons. I read the Avant board and, to my knowledge, Par (the owner) has chosen not to elaborate on the issue, which is his prerogative.

  12. There was a previous auction for 7 bottles of One+ which had "Banned by the FDA" in the title. eBay pulled the auction, as it violates their Terms of Use. I actually sent this guy an email, telling him he should change the title to keep it from also being pulled. Never heard back from him.
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