D-bol and winstrol tab cycle

  1. D-bol and winstrol tab cycle

    I'm planning on taking d-bol and wintrol tabs and following it up with clomid and i was wondering if it would be good to take it during wrestling season or if there is to much cardio involved and it would not be safe, some please help me out

  2. If you're talking about high school wrestling season then you are far too young to be doing steroids. Seriously, not a good idea. In the long run it won't help you in wrestling or anything else.

    If you're talking about college wrestling season then you're still probably too young, but if you're really set on doing a cycle, you should keep the doses low (a little goes a long way) and get rid of the D-bol...

    I used to wrestle in high school, and if your practices are anything like ours then I wouldn't want to take D-bol during season. I don't think D-bol and intense cardio mix very well.

    Perhaps more importantly, I don't think the strength-to-weight-gain ratio of D-bol is really ideal for wrestling. You really want to get as strong as possible without gaining much weight. A D-bol cycle could bump you up two weight classes, and a lot of that will be water weight (which is the last thing you want). D-bol is great for getting huge but it isn't ideal for staying lean while getting super-strong.

    The Winstrol is a good choice in some ways, but it's certainly not ideal. It can be hard on the joints, which will be problematic for wrestling. And it's methylated, so it's hard on the liver and shouldn't be run for more than 4-6 weeks.

    You may want to consider Generic Labz Mega-TRN. People report tremendous strength gains without huge weight gains (and the weight you gain will be virtually all lean muscle), which is exactly what you want for wrestling. Plus, it's non-methylated, making it much safer to take for an 8-12 week cycle throughout the season.

    Another good choice would be Trenbolone Acetate. It provides strong androgenic effects for strength gain, but lacks the estrogenic activity of d-bol, making it ideal building strength and lean muscle while shedding fat (great for wrestling) and avoiding water retention (also great for wrestling).

    Again, if you're in high school then forget about a cycle and concentrate on nutrition and strength training. If you're in college, I still don't recommend it, but if done the doses should be kept low.
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  3. Ah how old are you? You’re going to run two liver toxic drugs together? Well I guess everyone is doing that know days but taking it before your old enough is just dumb if you’re doing it. I hope you’re talking about collage and unregulated at that.

    At any rate those are not the right type of steroids for what you want. winny is not a good choice ether as you don't want anything that is hard on your joints. Tbol, fina, test (light dose), MDHT, and if your really dumb halo.

    You have not done your homework here and it shows. Best of luck though.

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