mixing HCG....again! lol

  1. mixing HCG....again! lol

    have 5000iu powder and 1ml solvent. im planning 500iu eod dosages

    do i just simply mix the two to make 1ml of solution and get 10 slin pins and simply fill them each to the 0.1ml marker (i.e. 1 tenth of the syringe)

    i have two kits (in case i ****ed one up). but the solvent amp is weird in that i cant get the solvent to settle at the bottom so if i crack it open it may just spill everywhere - any tips?

  2. do a search its been covered 800 times

  3. it's bacteriostatic water. Get more of it. Do the math and find a suitable concentration to easily dose 500iu.

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