Superdrol and its Side Effects

  1. Superdrol and its Side Effects

    Ok im on my 3rd day of SD and i've researched that this stuff is supposed to help u sleep better or have more vivid dreams which i was excited about. But for me i've had nothing but a hard time sleeping. Im more restless and sleep about 2-3 hours less. Im taking it around 3pm and sleeping at 11-12. I tried taking it at 12pm tonight and still the same effect. Also when do u start to actually see some strength gain? I feel more solid but thats it. I might up it to 20mg sooner then planned. I do weigh 220 at 6'2 and maybe my body is used to PHs. Heres my mini log so far :

  2. If this is your 3rd cycle mate, I would think you would have your dosing down. At you weight I doubt even 20mg will do it. I run it at 30mg myself when I did it last and I was around 205 when I finished it. Sleep has never been affeceted by SD for me, perhaps it is something else. What other supps are you taking about 4 hrs before bed? Mother Nautre's sleeping pill, Tall glass of skin milk prior to bed does wonders for me lad.
    I would up your dose to 20mg spread out about 10-12hrs.

  3. You're not taking SD for just it's sleep benefits? Yeah it's potent kick it up to 30mg.

  4. sleep benefits??? lol

  5. The 2nd week you should really feel it, thats when I did. Never had a sleeping problem with it, but back pumps where fun in week 3, couldnt stand straight without going DAM! Was on taurine to, helped alot, but not 100%

    I did a 10/20/20. They say 10mg first to see how your body reacts, then bump it to 20. I dont see a need to hit 30mg unless your really huge (dont see stats of you). I got the best of it with just 20mg.

    Now my opinion is watch your tendons, my strength went up really fast and my shoulder couldnt take it. Teres minor went, and I am still working on the Rc's.Still have 5 bottles left, but like the shoulder so I dunno when or If I will hit it again (Did superdrol in feb 06) AND DO NOT DRINK while on this. Beleive me, I know

  6. my god, what has this world become

  7. Quote Originally Posted by exposed
    my god, what has this world become
    My first SD cycle, I was so jacked on a few supps, I would run around my house thinking I was a dinosaur who had to consume chicken to live. I am serious, Dr. D laughed at me. Grwwwwwwwwww!!!!

    Yeah, these supps are candy.

    ROTFL--- oh look, a piece of chicken. CHOMP!

    My The 1 LOG:

  8. looking to start my first cycle of superdrol. im 5'7 170 right now. i looking to gain about 10 pounds of this cycle. is that realistic? anyone kno of any side effects so far? and i plan on using novadex xt as an estro blocker just to be on the safe side


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